Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heart-warming Story of Two Dog Pals

Who among us would willingly sacrifice for the sake of other's welfare? Who among us would unconditionally offer a helping hand to less fortunate people? Well, let's try to evaluate ourselves about this matter. Perhaps we are one of those who would or those who wouldn't.

A story of two dogs touched my heart and made me realize the virtue of helping one another. It also taught me the importance of friendship. Though they are of different breeds, still they have been great real friends!

These two buddies have been inseparable since Lily (left), a Great Dane,  had lost her sight. Maddison (right), a canine, is her kind-hearted friend.
 Maddison turned to be the guide of Lily so that she would know where to go. They are very close to each other; they enjoy each other's company.

Madisson is a true friend whom Lily can count on. She is there to help her friend to live normally despite her pitiful situation.  We can see in them a lasting friendship --a friendship that will stand despite the adversities. Though they are only animals, they teach us great lessons.