Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ten Strangest and Funniest Toilets and Urinals

Here are ten strangest and funniest toilets and urinals. Have fun!

Can you imagine yourself sitting on this toilet? LOL! This one is really one of a kind.
What you see describes it all...haha

A creepy clown?  This one is really funny. You might want to play at it instead of peeing.
This makes peeing sacred. So behave...
A wide open mouth ready to swallow what you discharge!

Where can you find restrooms with sexy, seductive mannequins like the ones seen in the photo?
Well, this very unique restroom can be found in a shopping center in Weiterstadt, Germany.

Putting bling-bling in your toilet? See how sophisticated it may look like!

There's really a sound in silence.
Women looking at your ***... Oh, they are just checking the size. LOL!

This one fits for people who take 24 hours as their work schedule. No time wasted! Even in the CR, work is still going on!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Most Enticing and Magnificent Sinkhole Ever!

Sinkholes are common where the rock below the land surface is limestone or other carbonate rock, salt beds or rocks that can naturally be dissolved by circulating ground water. As the rock dissolves, spaces and caverns develop underground. Sinkholes may vary in size from 1 to 600 meters both in diameter and depth.

Sinkholes can also be devastating. They can swallow anything, big or small.  But this one in Oman has become a tourist attraction. While similar holes engulf residential streets or open up in front of despairing home owners, the Bimmah sinkhole has long been attracting tourists eager for a picturesque swim.

Stunning: A concrete stairway leads to the base of the picturesque Bimmah sinkhole in Oman, which is several times more beautiful than many others of its type
Taking a dip: A number of tourists have a swim in the emerald-tinted waters in Bayt al-Afreet, Oman where the Bimmah sinkhole is found
Inviting: Sinkholes like the stunning one in Oman are formed when groundwater travels through easily-dissolved rock
Scenic: The sinkhole in Oman boasts the kind of clear waters and dramatic cliff faces normally seen on holiday postcards
Tranquil: A passer-by stops to take in the unusual view at the Bimmah sinkhole between Qurayat and Sur in Oman

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bryan Berg - The World's Best Card Stacker

It's the best time for you to meet the best man in constructing entire buildings and castles with playing cards as his main material without the use of any glue and tape, and without even folding or bending the cards.  Bryan Berg has an extraordinary ability to stack playing cards making and imitating tall and large buildings which are famous around the globe.  Hence, he has been holding the Guinness World record for the Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards since 1992. To recognize his work, Guinness World Records also created a new category in 2004 and that is the World's Largest House of Freestanding Playing Cards.

 Berg continues to break his own world records with his intricate and sensational designs.  Based in Iowa, he cut his first stack of cards at the tender age of 8. Bryan holds a Professional Degree in Architecture and a Design Achievement Award from Iowa State University and a Masters in Design Studies from Harvard.

He proved to the world his extraordinary skill of art. In fact, he duplicated many of the well-known landmarks worldwide such as New York skyline and Cinderella's castle. For over 30 years, Berg has been perfecting his art.

His largest work till date is a card recreation of the Venetian Macau Resort-Hotel. With this, he broke his own world record by using 4,000 decks or an amazing 219,000 individual cards, placed on top of each other over a period of 44 days.

However he also understands that what goes up must eventually come down. As what he said, “I also enjoy knocking the structures down because I consider the demolition of each project part of the creative process.” 

What A Mystery!!!

It starts with a "cockroach", and so it must end with a cockroach.

What an unending fear!!! LOL!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twelve Signs That Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

Signs are everywhere... They give us directions what to do, where to go and how to do a certain thing. But have you ever been puzzled by a sign or perhaps you just couldn't help but laugh because of it? Here are some puzzling signs from completely different parts of the world that will surely make you laugh...

Well, that's very clear. So, there's no reason for you to throw your toilet paper on the toilet unless you can dare to eat it first.
Sounds shocking? Well, it's not a joke. Just like most towns/cities, Accident also welcomes you. Accident is  a name of a town in Maryland.

Perhaps "bananas" sound so simple and boring.
This seems to be the most eco-friendly road policy ever. If you're riding a bicycle, then it's fine but please drive off into the water f you're in a car. Needless to say, that sign really shouldn't be there.

There are some reasons that can't be answered by Google that's why you have to go to church to find the answer.

It's actually an irony and it only wanted to awaken your conscience. After reading it, would you still want to steal it?
The pain of not being able to express one's feelings through words... A toddler's complaint.
That's the advantage of women.LOL!
Gosh! And do you think the people behind him would be happy if they read it?
And that's what we call overemphasizing...
That's how to run in a marathon...
Do you know how it it feels when you are hurrying because you are almost late on your work? You feel so nervous and uneasy, aren't you? But what if while on your way you read this sign along the road? Hahaha...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Must-see Kids' Fashion (Photos) - So Cute!!!

Just want to show you some photos of cute kids' fashion...

Isn't it nice and elegant?