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About Sergio Osmeña, Sr.

September 9, 2012 is Osmeña Day, a SPECIAL NON-WORKING HOLIDAY in honor of the late President Sergio S. Osmeña Sr.

Sergio Osmeña, Sr., Governor of Cebu (1904-1907) and the 4th President of the Republic of the Philippines (1944-1946)
Sergio Osmeña y Suico (9 September 1878 – 19 October 1961) was a politician of Chinese Filipino who served as the 4th President of the Philippines from 1944 to 1946. He was Vice President under Manuel L. Quezon, and rose to the presidency upon Quezon’s death in 1944, being the oldest Philippine president to hold office at age 65. A founder of Nacionalista Party, he was the first Visayan to become President of the Philippines.

Prior to his succession to the Presidency in 1944, Osmeña served as Governor of Cebu from 1901–1907, Member and Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives from 1907–1922, and Senator from the 10th Senatorial District for thirteen years, in which capacity he served as Senate President pro tempore. In 1935, he was nominated to be the running-mate of Senate President Manuel L. Quezon for the presidential election that year. The tandem was overwhelmingly re-elected in 1941.

Osmeña is the patriarch of the prominent Osmeña family, which includes his son (former Senator Sergio Osmeña, Jr.) and his grandsons (senators Sergio Osmeña III and John Henry Osmeña), ex-governor Lito Osmeña and Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña.

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Do you use Gas for cooking? Please read this and take note. Let this not happen to you. This could be a common mistake in any household.

This shocking accident happened recently. A housewife died due to burns sustained in the kitchen. Her husband too was hospitalized for injuries due to burns while trying to rescue his wife.

How it happened:
The gas cooker was on and cooking in progress. The lady observed some cockroaches near the sink and grabbed a can of insect killer and sprayed it near the gas stove, which was on. There was an explosion and in no time the poor woman was covered in flames, sustaining 65% burns. Her husband rushed in, tried to put out the flames and his clothes too caught fire. The husband is still in hospital, in the burns ward, still unaware that his wife was declared dead on arrival.

Let us understand that:
All insect killer sprays such as "Raid","Baygon", Nuvan etc have highly volatile and inflammable solvents. The atomized nano spray particles spread very rapidly and one spark is enough to ignite this explosive mixture with oxygen present in air.

Please educate your family & Friends about this and spread the word around....Please share this post, who knows you might save more than a life..

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