Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cute Babies Compete in Crying Contest

This is inevitably funny...

Most mothers worry if their young children cry. They even try to coax the baby to stop from crying.
But did you know that in Japan, babies are intentionally forced to cry? Since it has been their tradition for hundreds of years, parents would willingly join their toddlers in the so-called Naki Sumo, a crying contest.

Japanese parents bring the babies to the contest and truly believe that sumo induced crying keeps their children in good health, and wards off evil spirits.

 In this contest, amateur sumo wrestlers try to scare the baby by holding him high in the air.

                       The toddler who cries longest and loudest will be declared the winner.
                          The more the babies cry, the cuter they look...the more people laugh... Naku sumo is a baby crying festival in Japan. Weird.