Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dogs' Funny Looks in their Bizarre Costumes:)


The pictures below show dogs wearing fantastic attires which make them look so cool and funny.
So, beware of dogs! They might replace fashion models out there... kidding.

At first look, you can never directly say that it's a dog because of its crazy hair and attire until you will notice  its mouth so open wide, just like most dogs do. LOL:)

Shocking? Don't worry... It doesn't hurt. It's just a headband, not a real knife....hehehe

SUPERDOG on the go!

So cute...hehehe:)

So sexy... so slim... so fit!!! LOL

Hotdogs or hot dogs? Which is which?
If girls can wear nail polish, why can't dogs?


"Teach me how to dougie. Teach me, teach me how to dougie."

Bulging eyes but can't see...

One couldn't really think that behind that costume is a dog. Looks like a spider, isn't it?

with their Halloween attire...

with their festival costumes ... LOL

Dogs as business promoters? Well, I guess it's a nice advertising concept...
It really catches consumers' attention... hehe

Hanging puppies...

So daring...

cheer dancer or cheer leader? go go go!

Snowhite's lost dwarf...

An angry police dog, waiting for "askals" to come..
Hehehe.. It looks funny, isn't it?

a cute "living" stuffed toy...