Friday, June 27, 2014

Before And After Makeup

Before And After Makeup - Stunning Transformations

We all know that make-up can be a very powerful tool in enhancing one's beauty. It can transform people into unrecognizable of their former selves.

Vadim Andreev, a beauty expert from Russia, has taken unbelievable before-and-after photos of women with and without makeup to show that they don't need to resort to plastic surgery to look beautiful.

We bring you some of these transformations. Some of them done by Vadim Andreev and some by other talented makeup artists.

The 29-year-old chronicled his makeovers on his website, which shows women of all ages and races before and after Vadim changed their faces with the help of simple makeup brush and lot of eyeliners! He adds he doesn't believe in heavy make-up. These are normal day to day make-up secrets he says. Everybody can use them.

These women aren't models per se but they do prove the point, which is that anyone can look stunning with the right make-up and lighting. If that doesn't make you feel less insecure, we don't know what will!

These kind of makeup photos have been super popular lately, with everyday women trying out their hands with a makeup brush and getting amazing results.

These makeup artists do a fantastic job. Their brushes and other equipments do an enchanting work in enhancing the beauty.

And now the celebs!

Demi Levato

And one and only Kim Kardashian