Saturday, February 2, 2013

Funny Puzzles You Shouldn't Ever Miss!

Have you ever tried answering mind-blowing puzzles before? Well, you got to try this very EXCITING, ENTERTAINING and CHALLENGING puzzle as well! And maybe you have also answered some of them...If so, let's see how well you can recall.

Just scroll down slowly and please be honest.... GOOD LUCK!!!


1. ------------

Answer: man overboard 

How do you find it? Try the next one...

2. ------------



Answer: I understand 

Want to try again? How about this:

3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/ 


Answer: reading between the lines

Oh! But don't give up yet. There are more... Try your luck!


Answer: cross road 


Not having a good day now, are you ?

Redeem yourself.

5. cycle

Answer: tricycle 

Hahaha! Have you figured it out?

Next one... 

6. ------------


Answer: two degrees below zero 

C'mon give it a little thought ! !

7. knee 

Answer: neon light

( knee - on - light ) 

  It's not bad. You can still prove you are smart if you can answer this:

   feet feet feet feet feet feet 

Answer: six feet underground 

Oh no, not again ! ! 

9. he's X himself 

Answer: he's by himself 

Now you are messing up big time. 

10. ecnalg 

Answer: backward glance 

Give it another try... 


11. death ....... life 

Answer: life after death 

Give it another try...

12. abababababababababababababababababababab...

Answer: long time no 'C'

Ohhh...Okay last chance .................... 

13. THINK 

Answer: think big ! !