Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extraordinary Design of European Trucks

These trucks have extraordinary design. At first glance, you can think that their other side is missing or see-through showing the products they are hauling where in fact it's not, for they are only painted on each side and on the back.

In this design, the cases of softdrinks seemed to be magnetized on the ceiling. Obviously, this truck is hauling PEPSI products. It's amazing, isn't it?
Another design shows a bottle of beer which seemed to go out of the side. It really looks real.
Are you not amazed with this? It's like a mini-library on wheels! You can have choices of what book you want to read, then you can readily get it.
Have you seen an a travelling aquarium? Well, here it is! It is an aquarium on the road.
Another design shows a big tote bag...
What have you understood in the picture? Which is the real windshield and driver's seat? Is it the one in yellow or or the one in blue? Which is which? What do you think? 
Actually, the real one is in blue. This design shows another truck with the windshield facing the back and there has been a driver painted in the driver's seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards.